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3 Grand Reasons to Leave Piano Moving to the Professionals

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3 Grand Reasons to Leave Piano Moving to the ProfessionalsYour piano is more than just another piece of furniture to be shuffled from one home to the next. In many homes, it’s a priceless heirloom carrying generations of memories that deserve special care during a move.

Although you may be tempted to move it yourself to save money, there are three grand reasons it’s a wise move to leave piano moving to the professionals:

  • Pianos Are Heavy. This is something you’re probably well aware of. To put it in actual figures, however, baby grands can weigh well over 500 pounds! Attempting to move something that massive without professional help would be risking your safety and the piano.
  • You’ll Need Special Moving Equipment. Unless you’re a professional piano mover, you probably won’t be able to access piano moving equipment, like a piano board and dolly, which are crucial if you want to minimize damage. Additionally, transporting a piano in a regular truck without proper packing materials or a moving container could jeopardize its integrity.
  • Most Importantly, Piano Moving Demands Experience. Regardless of whether it’s a local move or a long-distance one, moving a piano requires special attention and care when disassembling, navigating tricky corners and staircases, loading, unloading, and reassembling. Professional movers have refined this care and attention through years of piano moving experience. Plus, they know all too well the repercussions of making one wrong move during the process.

At Port City Movers, we understand your piano is a priceless family treasure designed for melody, not mayhem. Our skilled piano moving team handles each piano with the utmost care and expertise. We take every precaution to avoid chips, cracks, scratches, and other damages throughout the move. And if you need safe, temporary storage for your piano, we can offer that, too. Call us today for your peace-of-mind piano move!