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3 Tips to Make Moving Easier

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Moving. It’s probably one of the most dreaded parts of buying or renting a new home, even though it means that you’re finally about to enjoy your new place. Moving can be stressful, but if you implement some organization and time management methods, you can find that the moving process will go by much faster and more efficiently than you thought. To help make your move go smoothly, here are three tips that promote productivity for your move:

3 Tips to Make Moving Easier

  1. Pack heavy items first: When packing your possessions into boxes, you’ll want to pack the heavy items first. Use clothes, towels, blankets, or bubble wrap to cushion your heavy objects, and then if there’s room, add in the lighter items on top. Once your boxes are ready, place your heaviest boxes in the front of the moving truck in order to balance the weight.
  2. Get a dolly: Not all of your heavy items will be easy for you to move. You likely have dressers, bookcases, and desks, and those can be awkward to carry. Getting a dolly allows you to place your furniture on a set of wheels so you can roll it out of your home and into the moving truck.
  3. Pack by room: The efficiency of your unpacking can be affected by your packing process. Separating your possessions by room into the appropriate boxes will streamline unpacking in your new home. That way, you’ll know exactly which items belong in the kitchen, bathroom, or bedroom.

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