If you have moved a lot, or even if you haven’t, it isn’t hard to recognize the dilemma presented by rows of 8-foot-tall piles of moving boxes filling the entirety of your living room and kitchen without a single label on any of them, or even a pile or two of them. For one, that is a lot of extra moving things around the house to do all by yourself that you could have had help with if even the correct room was labeled on each box. Here is a short list of suggestions for how to get things from point A to point B as painlessly as possible. Maybe you’ll find one or a combination of two will be just right for you:

  • Label the Most Important Things Yourself Beforehand — You know how Tax Day and your youngest child’s birthday or even the first day of school just creeps up on you after a move? Get ahead before you get behind by carefully labeling moving boxes with important papers, sentimental items, or upcoming needs YOURSELF before the help arrives.

5 of the Best Ways to Label Moving Boxes Correctly

  • Assign Movers to Individual Rooms and Give Them A Colored Tape and Marker —Try assigned colors of tape (some are sold color coded and with room names on them both) and coordinate the colors of markers. This works best if you have enough people to divide and conquer by area. It’s not going to work perfectly, but it’s a plus for every box that comes out done right.
  • Label the Most Memorable and the Most Obscure — If a strange ensemble of kitchen items fits best together, label the most memorable or important and the most obscure or forgettable. You’ll be amazed how well this abbreviated mnemonic list method for labeling moving boxes of slightly mismatched items works.
  • Don’t Leave Boxes Less Than Full, but Don’t Fill Them Will Random Odds and Ends —Don’t be tempted to fill up the final nook in that kitchen box with an item from your bedside stand. Using packaging materials instead. Otherwise, that bedside item might as well be given to charity now because it will be the first lost item of many in your move.
  • Have an Army of Markers and Materials Handy on Every Floor of Your Home —Avoid having to wander from room to room and level to level of your home. This is how phones, keys, and even your labels and markers end up packed in a random prize box. Buy a lot of extras and stage them throughout the home.