Did You Add These Five Essential Moving Supplies to Your List?

When it comes to moving, having the right moving supplies is important. Of course, there are the obvious things that you’ll have on your list, like various boxes and packing materials. But what about those other unseen items that you didn’t think of at the start, which would have been helpful once your packing is underway?

  1. Labeling – If you have a marker or two for labeling, you’re on the right track. Some additional considerations might be having masking tape in addition to your packing tape for easy labeling, as well as buying color-coded stickers for easy room identification.
  2. Blankets – Once you are ready to load the moving truck, having blankets can go a long way to making your move easier. These important moving supplies not only make it easier to slide and shimmy your heavy items, but they can also act as padding to protect your furniture and other valuable items during transit.
  3. Rope – Do you have a precarious pile of boxes leaning precariously to one side? Rope, bungee cords, or tie-downs can be a great addition to your moving supplies list because you can more easily secure those items that may slide or fall during transport.
  4. Box Cutter – While it may seem counterintuitive to need a box cutter as part of your moving supplies, it can be one of your most useful items. From cutting tape and packing materials to having something handy when you’re ready for unpacking, this is a great tool to have on-hand in your moving supplies.
  5. Cleaning Supplies – As you take stock of the items to be moved, some important moving supplies may be for cleaning. Not only can you wipe down your belongings as you pack them away, but you’ll also be able to wipe down floors and surfaces as they become free of your stored belongings.

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