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Got Fragile Objects? Here Are 3 Great Packing Materials

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There is nothing worse than unloading all your belongings into your new home and discovering that your expensive lamp, decorative vase, or your dishware has broken. To prevent this, you need to carefully pack your fragile items in a way that will avoid resulting in them arriving in pieces. This will best be accomplished by using one of these three great packing materials:

Got Fragile Objects? Here Are 3 Great Packing Materials

  1. Bubble wrap: Covered with hundreds of little pockets of air, a sheet of bubble wrap is very useful for protecting fragile objects. Bubble wrap is shock absorbent and easy to wrap around any sort of item. When your possessions are wrapped in bubble wrap, you’re likely to find them intact when they arrive at your new home.
  2. Styrofoam: A popular form of Styrofoam packing materials is packing peanuts. However, packing peanuts are most useful for filling in empty spaces in your boxes. If you’re looking to further cushion your items properly, then Styrofoam bricks are your best choice.
  3. Packing paper: Much like packing peanuts, packing paper is best used for filling in gaps between items while packing. If you’re packing cups and vases, you should wrap the outside of these items while stuffing the paper inside and between the items, which offers further protection. It’s important to note, though, that for any particularly fragile objects, you should add Styrofoam or bubble wrap in addition to the packing paper.

Among our moving services at Port City Movers, we offer these packing materials and more to make your move easy and seamless and ensure your belongings aren’t damaged. Give us a call today!