How to Hire a Commercial Mover

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Commercial Mover in North CarolinaHiring a commercial mover can save you a lot of time and headache on the day of the big move. Hiring the wrong commercial mover can cost you, not just in time and headaches, but possibly large amounts of money in damages caused by inexperience.

When hiring a commercial mover, ask first for references and recommendations from friends, family and other companies. Commercial movers should have a different type of expertise than residential movers, as these are two entirely different jobs, so look for people who specialize in commercial moving. Do a background check of your potential movers to make sure they have the licenses and insurance to legally move you.

Once you’ve narrowed your list down, have the potential movers come to your business for individual walk-throughs. Make sure you show them everything you plan on having them move. If possible, provide them with a detailed list of every item they will be transporting, in order for them to give you a more accurate estimate. Withholding some of the items and trying to get the company to move them for you on moving day is usually a breach in the contract you will sign, and therefore, the company is not required to move them for you.

Ask each of the commercial movers you invite for a walk-through what their plan of attack is for difficult items such as electronics, plants, pictures, and filing cabinets. A good commercial mover will have a very detailed system of how they label, organize, dismantle and transport your equipment. Once you have received bids from 3-4 different companies, compare what they have offered you. Avoid anyone that bids extremely low, and look at what higher bidders are including in their offer.

From there, make your decision based on which company can guarantee your move will be done on time and on budget. If you do the leg work before your move, moving day can be a breeze, and you can feel confident knowing that your job is in capable hands. At Port City Movers, we have the experience to make your commercial move a success. Contact us today for an estimate.