If Your Local Storage Unit Could Talk

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Local Storage Unit, North CarolinaDespite the mundane, simplistic and overall boring nature of your local storage unit, there might be much more to it than you think. Reality TV has recognized the diamond in the rough quality that local storage units offer, convincing people yet again of the age-old adage that one man’s junk really is another man’s treasure.

If your local storage unit could talk, what do you think it would say? Your local storage unit has stayed the same while the world around it has changed dramatically through the years. Maybe it would reminisce about how different the cars are that have come and gone over time, but how some of the best are sitting right there on site, restored and looking good as new. Or how the billboard that stands in its line of vision has advertized everything from the newest fad diet, to the local opening of a fast food chain, to 2-for-1 divorces. Maybe it would sit a while and talk about the weather. Like how the flood of ’83 would have destroyed some of his friends if it weren’t for the sand bag barricade the owners built up. Or how the quickly spreading brush fire brought people at all hours of the night, filling their cars with all of their treasures.

Maybe it would tell you about the things it has stored over the years. Not the crazy, quirky or illegal things (though everyone likes to hear about those!), but the everyday things that speak about human life and its constant ebb and flow. Like maybe your local storage unit would tell you of the crib it stored every few years until it just didn’t come back at all. Or how the last occupant of that crib is now storing his high school diploma and other memorabilia safely on a top shelf. Maybe it would sigh and tell you about the sad things it has seen, like the uncertainty on the face of the man who locked up all his belongings and went overseas and the sadness on the face of his parents as they came to sort through those belongings. Or the disappointment on the face of the business owner who had a good run, but just couldn’t keep up, holding on to his dream and hoping for better times.

Your local storage unit, though a wealth of knowledge and history, can’t commiserate with you about simpler times. But though it can’t say it, there lies within a safe-keeping promise–a promise to you and to your belongings, your memories, and your history, that whatever you put there will be there when you get back. There’s not much else you can ask from four walls, a ceiling and a floor– a local storage unit.


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