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Rental TrucksThere are some very important considerations when looking for a rental truck, either for a move or for another event or need that requires a vehicle of a capacity far above most vehicles. When considering a rental truck, whether it be for moving or for another purpose, here are several important factors to consider in your quotes and in what you look for:

  • How far do you plan to drive? Like nearly all rental vehicles, mileage will be recorded at the beginning and end of your time with the vehicle. Some companies will charge per mile driven, while others will allot a particular number of miles per day.
  • Fuel. Does your rental fee include fuel? It’s likely you’ll be expected to return the vehicle full of fuel or face a surcharge.
  • Does your car insurance cover a rental truck? Make sure to consult your insurance agent on this matter, as it’s also a good time to review your coverage and insurance needs in order to have a successful and simple move.

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