From Move-Out to Move-In, Office Movers Are the Way to Go

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Office Movers in North CarolinaMoving your office is no easy task. From computers, copy machines and printers to the last box of pencils and post-it notes, your move can be much easier if you hire office movers. In today’s world, business is happening 24-7, whether you are moving to a new location or not. So unfortunately, things typically don’t stop or slow down long enough for you and a few co-workers to pack, move everything, and then unpack your office at a new location.

At Port City Movers, our office movers specialize in the entire process, from move-out to move in. We have experience to help you label your items and pack them efficiently, so unpacking is a breeze. We will also know the best way to transport both valuable and difficult items. For example, moving your heavy filing cabinets will be done in a way that the items inside them will not shift or become disorganized in any way.

Our office movers will be able to dismantle desks, chairs, tables and other furniture to save space when packing. Saving space when possible means that you will pay less in the long run, with fewer trucks and fewer trips to the new office.

At Port City Movers, we are a family-owned and operated business that has been helping people in the Mooresville, NC area move their offices from point A to point B for over thirty years. Our office movers know that time is money, so we guarantee to move your office in the time we have agreed upon. We can do the hard work– labeling, organizing, transporting and unpacking– so you can keep your business running smoothly during the move. Call us today to receive an estimate from our office movers.