Moving? Think About These Out-of-the-Box Packing Materials

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While the prospect of a move can be an exciting one, the reality of packing up all your belongings is certainly not one that many people look forward to! Suddenly you find yourself surrounded by boxes while you are also trying to close down one residence and connect phone, water and power to another. It’s a stressful time! While professional movers definitely cut that stress down significantly, if you don’t have lots of belongings or just want to go through your stuff yourself, here are a few out-of-the-box packing materials that you can use to get started on your move!

packing materials that you can use to get started on your move

  • Suitcases- If you are moving across town, then you don’t really need your suitcases for travel. Instead of packing your clothes into them (although that is also an option) try packing your suitcases with other items, like books or heavy canned goods. If you have a rolling suitcase, this can be a great way to move these heavy items.
  • Duffel bags– These flexible options are great for items that can be squished without worry of harm. Think blankets, pillows, sheets, etc.
  • Laundry baskets- Instead of having an empty basket, fill it up with shoes, hangers, or others loose ends that won’t readily fit in a box.
  • Tote bins– If you have a lot of tote bins you use to store old papers, books, toys, etc. then you have some great packing materials already in place! Just make sure to tape the lids down to ensure they stay closed.

No matter what you use for packing materials in your move, make sure that they are sturdy before moving! No one wants to have precious heirlooms or memorable items broken due to a ripped or damaged box. For the best advice in packing materials and moving, contact us here at Port City Movers today!