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Getting the Most Out of Your Moving Truck Rentals

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Moving Truck RentalsIt doesn’t matter how many friends you have with big trucks; it often becomes necessary to find a local company to assist you with your moving truck rental needs. Surprisingly, there are not many moving truck rental companies on the market today. Getting the most out of the experience may not be possible because of limited options in companies. However, regardless of where you rent from, there are a few things you can do to try maximize the benefit of the experience.

When booking a moving truck rental, you should call in and talk directly to a person over the phone. While many people order online, it may be in your benefit to call, and then call again a few days before pick up the truck to check on availability. Often companies will give you a bigger truck for the same price, if you are willing to take it, because they have overbooked or would like to keep a certain size on the lot. It may catch up to you in gas prices, but you may be more comfortable packing all your items in a larger truck instead of trying to cram.

When researching moving truck rentals, looking in to what sort of perks the company offers is also beneficial. Does a dolly come with the truck, or do you have to pay extra for it? What about moving blankets and bungee chords? Lastly, look into what type of coverage your own insurance company offers. You may be able to transfer your personal insurance coverage on to the rental truck and save a little money. Overall, if you have choices in moving truck rentals, it’s in your best interest to do your homework to try to get the most out of your moving truck rental experience.

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