It’s all set. You and your family are ready to go off across the United States to a new home and a new career or school that you have been dreaming of for awhile now perhaps. It’s a huge leap, and you want to take it together. You are going to make a few fun stops along the way and make a memorable road trip out of your journey to begin the next phase of your life together in a new place. You need a moving truck rental for your adventure.

Did You Know We Offer Moving Truck Rentals?

You want that same family feel for beginning your move. You want the savings that come with doing part of the moving yourself. These are just a few of the many great reasons to use Port City Movers to help begin your journey.  We are a family-owned and operated company that is licensed and insured for whatever moving needs you’d like us to help with for you. Not only do we provide moving labor, but according to your needs, we also offer Penske moving truck rentals. And we’ll deliver the Penske moving boxes and packing materials right to your door. That’s right — we offer you a special one-time delivery of moving supplies right to your front door free of additional charge. Furthermore, we offer a 30% discount off of the brand new, quality moving supplies.

Let us do the hard lifting for you, but pack as many boxes as you want yourself. If you and the kids need a break, have us come over and help you finish up the packing and loading. You want some energy left for the great adventure ahead and we’re here for you for whatever you need, when you need it – just like family – so why get your moving truck rentals from just anywhere when you can get it from us?