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P.A.C.E. Yourself: Efficiently Packing a Storage Unit

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Storage Unit in North CarolinaStoring stuff in a storage unit can be a science. Or at least a life-sized game of Tetris where the goal is to fit a bunch of different shapes perfectly into one square without any air between them. There are a lot of reasons why packing your storage unit should involve a little more planning and prepping than just throwing things in helter-skelter. Careful packing will protect your items and spare you a headache when you need to access them. Follow this simple acronym and remember to P.A.C.E. yourself:

  • P- Plan- Make a plan of how you think things will fit in the storage unit. Make a list of all your items, the number of boxes, etc., so you don’t have an unexpected large item pop up toward the end. Plan to put heavier things on bottom, both within the boxes and with the items overall. Also plan where there is dead space you can use, such as inside cabinets, on shelves, etc.
  • A- Access- Really think about what you will need to access and make sure to pack those things on top and towards the front. The last thing you want is to have to unpack the storage unit looking for a particular box. Label everything in detail and make sure there are labels on all sides and the top of the box. The other last thing you want is to have to unpack every box inside that storage unit looking for a birth certificate or other important item.
  • C- Clean– Prepare the storage unit before you move your stuff in by cleaning it from floor to ceiling. Consider putting crates on the floor to get your stuff up off the ground to protect from critters or unexpected moisture. Clean large items, such as fridges and washing machines, so there is no moisture inside them that could leave mold, mildew or water damage.
  • E- Enjoy– If you think about it as a giant game of Tetris, you could have fun packing your storage unit to the gills. You’ll feel accomplished as you get every item stored tightly and compactly in your unit, and with room to spare. If you P.A.C.E. yourself, the storage unit can become another little extension of your home!


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