Anyone who has moved a lot knows there are a million different ways to pack the same things into the same boxes. If you are doing a quick local move as a college student, you’ve probably heard of the tip of packing all of your clothes into a bedsheet and wrapping them into a giant bedroll that fits into the back seat of your outdated car. If you are someone in the “young professional,” “young family,” or simply the “thrifty” category, you’ve probably heard of or used the trick of packing your dishes and decorations inside your kitchen and bath towels, T-Shirts and sweaters.

Packing Materials to Make Your Moving and Storage Experiences Smooth Ones

Using what you already have on hand as packing materials can be great to a point for successful, short-term moves, but what about when a moving experience doesn’t go as planned? What about when your house sells and the one you are buying doesn’t close? What about when you are downsizing on space and some things end up in storage, but you didn’t predict quite how much? What about when it is hard to identify what came from where? What about those unpredictable life events that can turn what was supposed to be 1) packing, 2) moving, and 3) unpacking into 1) packing, 2) moving, 3) storing for who-knows-how-long, 4a) moving and 4b) possibly moving again and then 5a) unpacking and possibly still 5b) storing?

Not trying to be a downer, but in reality, this happens more often than we’d like in life, and what seemed like great packing materials becomes a serious lack of clothing, linens, and towels and confusion between dishes and decorations possibly.

We’d like to suggest that professional packing materials and moving blankets are well worth the investment. Not only do many moving services provide some packing materials to you at no additional cost to you and more upon request for a reasonable price (new materials at 30% with free one-time delivery from us, for example), but they can save you in the event that things don’t go as planned. Contact us today if you need packing materials for your next move!