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The Right Way to Pack Moving Containers

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Stuffing heavy belongings into boxes that are a few sizes too small can feel like you’re playing a frustrating game of Tetris. With moving containers, however, you can simplify this process efficiently in a budget-friendly way.

The Right Way to Pack Moving Containers

Although packing moving containers takes some skill, we’ve got you covered. Follow these essential packing tips, and you’ll have one less headache during your home or office relocation:

  • Tip #1: Plan Ahead. Before anything else, you’ll need to sort through your belongings and decide what you want to take with you. Then, get rid of any unwanted items – your new place doesn’t need clutter! Whatever’s left should be divvied according to size, weight, or fragility to make loading easier.
  • Tip #2: Clear a loading path. Before the moving container arrives, make sure the path from your door to the loading area is clear. This will help create an uninterrupted flow while loading, saving you lots of time and energy.
  • Tip #3: Load Efficiently. Proper weight distribution is crucial when loading moving containers. Therefore, you should stack your moving boxes and smaller furniture vertically from floor to ceiling to ensure you efficiently utilize all the available space. Heavier items should be centered at the bottom of your moving container, while lighter stuff can be loaded on top.
  • Tip #4: Carry Your Valuables Separately. Fragile items, like china, should be hand-carried and loaded last. The same goes for precious heirlooms or small valuables that aren’t too heavy. Keep them safely away from all the activity until the rest of the loading is done.
  • Tip #5: Secure Everything Before Locking Up. While packing, use straps, ties, and furniture pads to keep your furniture from sliding and shifting during the move. Once you’re confident everything’s packed neat and tight, give the moving container a final scan before locking up.

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