Vehicle Storage: Keeping Your Baby Safe

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Vehicle StorageVehicle storage is an excellent consideration when taking your vehicle off the road for the season.

Professional vehicle storage can mean the difference between a well-kept vehicle and one that has the adverse effects of being kept outside in the elements or stored in an unsecured shelter.

Storing your car outside can lead to the discoloration of paint or interior, cracked vinyl on the dashboard or seats, or rusting on the body panels. Rubber tires also tend to break down when exposed to the elements in storage.

It’s not unusual for you to stop using a vehicle, whether it’s because of a license suspension, military leave, relocation, or simply seasonal reasons (goodbye summer sports car; hello winter truck!) On occasion, a family member may age and lose the use of their driver’s license and want vehicle storage to ensure future use of that vehicle for a grandchild.

Vehicles are important not only for their monetary value, but also for sentimental value. If you have a vehicle that you have worked to rebuild or re-finish, chances are it is of more sentimental value to you than its Blue Book designation.

When entering vehicle storage, it is best that all of the fluids for your vehicle are fresh and topped up. Having the interior of the vehicle cleaned before it is placed in storage is beneficial, as it will maximize your personal experience upon pick up of your vehicle. Following these procedures will ensure a positive experience when you remove your vehicle from storage at the end of its stay.

When taking a vehicle out of long-term storage, it is always a good idea to clean the battery connections, as well as add about 10 pounds of air into each tire to prevent flat spots.

Your vehicle is important to you, so it is important to us. At Port City Movers, we offer secure and reliable vehicle storage for the important vehicle in your life.