All You Ever Wanted To Know About Moving Boxes

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Aren’t cardboard boxes remarkable? They keep kids entertained for hours as forts, airplanes and hideouts. They also are great for packing, storing and moving. Moving boxes come in all shapes and sizes (sorry, the color seems to be pretty standard). The next time you need moving boxes, instead of dumpster diving and grocery-store begging, consider the other options that exist out there.

All You Ever Wanted To Know About Moving BoxesMoving boxes, though made of cardboard, are made of a stronger variation of cardboard and thus able to withstand more weight and wear-and-tear. Moving boxes come in a variety of squares sizes from 1.5 cubic feet up to 6 cubic feet.

Moving Boxes in North CarolinaBe cautious as you pack boxes, as the bigger the box means the bigger the item, but not necessarily the heavier the weight. For ease in transporting and storing, it is wise not to pack moving boxes heavier than 50 lbs. — even if that 6-foot box can fit everything and the kitchen sink!

Always use packing tape when sealing your boxes, as it actually is stronger than duct tape. When it comes to boxes, though square is standard, it’s not the only shape out there. Wardrobe boxes, picture boxes, dish boxes, mirror boxes- there are even boxes big enough to fit your mattress and box springs. There are specialty boxes for clocks, standing lamps and light fixtures.

If you want something packed in a box, chances are you’ll be able to find a moving box just right to fit it in. At Port City Movers, we offer a variety of moving boxes for all your packing, storage, and make-believe needs. Call us today to order your boxes for your next move!