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We offer self storage units in Mooresville, NC that are the perfect solution to needing more space to store your belongings.

Self Storage Units in Mooresville, NCMany of us have a few too many possessions to fit in our homes. You can keep items in the garage or attic, but once you outgrow those storage areas, you may need somewhere else to put your stuff. At Port City Movers, we offer self storage units that are the perfect solution to your problem. Whether you have larger items, such as pieces of furniture or other equipment, or smaller items, like boxes and storage containers, you can easily find a storage unit that will accommodate. One of the most common uses for self storage units is to store holiday decorations, since you probably only need to access those once a year. They don’t have to take up valuable space in the garage.

Self storage units can also be a beneficial temporary storage option if you are relocating or building a larger home but don’t have the space to keep your items during the waiting period. Our location is in Mooresville, North Carolina, so it is easily accessible when you do need to get to your items. We provide heavy monitoring and security of each of our units, so your stuff will stay safe from theft or other concerns. The storage unit area is also well-lit, ensuring a safe experience each time you visit the unit.

We also offer truck rentals, so if you need a vehicle to move your items into the storage unit, we have an easy solution. Visit our website or call our team to learn more about our self storage units.


Self Storage Units in North Carolina